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The Horse Gelder – Henry Potsdam and the Horse Gelder of Jazkeldan

Upon closer inspection, this seems less Henry Potsdam and slightly more Judd Apatow. Blimey. Continue reading


The Horse Gelder – The Vigilante

Think Sin City, especially that scene with Bruce Willis and that Yellow Bastard. And cry. Continue reading

The Horse Gelder – Culinary Showdown

Thanks to pony girl J for the initial idea. I take credit for everything else. Continue reading

The Horse Gelder – Soundtrack

Some artists to listen to while reading the Horse Gelder Anthology:

New Young Pony Club

Band of Horses



Horse Feathers

Pony Up!

The Horse Gelder-World War Horse

This will be like a cross between Saving Private Ryan and 300. Except better. Continue reading

The Horse Gelder-Bollywood Version

I’ll show Karan Johar how to make a proper Bollywood film. And Danny Boyle how to paint an proper picture of Indian society. Continue reading

The Horse Gelder-World War II Version

If any Horse Gelder film were to win an Oscar for Best Picture, it would be this one. Continue reading