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Random Epiphany of the Day

You know how sometimes people ask “How goes it?” and other people answer “it goes”?

I just realized that directly translated, the French say the exact same thing by asking “Comment ça va?” and answering with ça va”.



Business Proposal

I just had a great idea for opening up an untapped market in the greeting card industry: Break-up cards. Continue reading

Paddie’s Europe Travel Tips! Frankfurt

I stopped in Frankfurt for a night between weed capital Amsterdam and beer capital Munich.  If someone were to ask me what to do in Frankfurt, I would tell them this: Frankfurt? There is absolutely nothing I want to do in Frankfurt (yes, I stole that bit from Public Enemies). I mean, it’s a very modern city and a transportation hub for all of Europe, yes, but you don’t go to Newark just because your plane stops at Newark International Airport, do you?
Correction: I just remembered that I went to Frankfurt again about a week later while going from somewhere in Switzerland to Paris. There’s a great shopping area called the Zeil in Frankfurt, so if you have the time, money, and room in your luggage, you can have fun shopping. I bought a German Sudoku book and a couple of cat figurines. You can buy Henckels knives if you want. They’re very nice for cutting things. Otherwise, allocate time for other more places like Prague, Praga, or my personal favorite, Praha.

Random Face of the Day



I’ve watching Mad Men recently, and the concept of the three-martini lunch seems absolutely delightful. For those of you who don’t know what a three-martini lunch is, it’s basically an excuse to get drunk during work hours on the company’s bill, usually accompanied with steak or lobster. Unfortunately, it isn’t practiced quite as much nowadays, with business people preferring the frozen yogurt break or the coffee and sandwich lunch. So I wondered to myself, where did this symbol of corporate decadence go? I looked it up on Wikipedia, and apparently, former President Jimmy Carter is accredited with its demise, claiming that the working class was subsidizing these expenses and therefore making it politically undesirable for executives to enjoy these lunches. So that’s where they went. Yeah, great job President Carter.

Some One-Sentence Movie Reviews

If you want any elaboration on any of these, feel free to request.

Public Enemies : It’s almost definitely an allegory to relationships, or I have the ability to interpret any movie to be an allegory about relationships.

17 Again : It’s a pity that today’s college-age Generation Y doesn’t seem to warm to the idea of lasting love, or even Zac Efron for that matter.

Julie & Julia : I am going to get so fat in Paris, it’s not even funny.

Un Moulin Rouge