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Quote of the Day: Bernard Werber

L’amour est la victoire de l’imagination sur l’intelligence.

(Love is the victory of imagination over intelligence)

-Bernard Werber, from Le Souffle des dieux

(The Breath of the gods, not, I repeat not, the Souffle of the gods)

I was reading Le Souffle des dieux today (the translated version, of course) and came across this quote, which was so awesome that I had to look it up in the French version that I happen to also possess. I simply don’t have the French language skills to read the book in its original language. Just enough to find one sentence in a 600-page book.

It’s a nice quote, isn’t it? It’s a much better quote out of context. I mean, you can’t really take it seriously when you know that it’s spoken by Hermaphrodite (the hermaphrodite god(ess?)) to the main character Michael Pinson in a conversation trying to convince the love-sick Michael to get over his(her?) (former) prostitute of a mother, Aphrodite. Whoops, I shouldn’t have told you that.