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Paddie’s Europe Travel Tips! Frankfurt

I stopped in Frankfurt for a night between weed capital Amsterdam and beer capital Munich.  If someone were to ask me what to do in Frankfurt, I would tell them this: Frankfurt? There is absolutely nothing I want to do in Frankfurt (yes, I stole that bit from Public Enemies). I mean, it’s a very modern city and a transportation hub for all of Europe, yes, but you don’t go to Newark just because your plane stops at Newark International Airport, do you?
Correction: I just remembered that I went to Frankfurt again about a week later while going from somewhere in Switzerland to Paris. There’s a great shopping area called the Zeil in Frankfurt, so if you have the time, money, and room in your luggage, you can have fun shopping. I bought a German Sudoku book and a couple of cat figurines. You can buy Henckels knives if you want. They’re very nice for cutting things. Otherwise, allocate time for other more places like Prague, Praga, or my personal favorite, Praha.