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Glee > the Beatles

So apparently, the cast of the hit musical television show now have more hit singles (75) on the Billboard 100 than the Beatles (71). In pop culture lingo, that makes Glee better than the Beatles, but still not as good as James Brown (91) or Elvis Presley (108), right?



You know what that means… IT’S GLEETLES TIME!




It’s About Time

Well, it’s about time that the Vatican got on the right side of history. After decades of denial and mud-slinging, the Vatican has finally jumped on the Beatles bandwagon, 40 years after the breakup of the Fab Four, showering them with praise, like “Their beautiful melodies changed music and continue to give pleasure.” and “dozens of bands had been inspired by them and groups still produce cover versions of their songs” and ‘[their] long-lasting phenomenon would remain music history.’ Finally, the Vatican has admitted to its past mistakes and made efforts to heal the rift that has grown between the Church and the world.

"'All you need is love,' said the Lord, who was bigger than John Lennon."

….what? Sexual abuse scandal? With children? No apology? Attacking New York Times? Oh dear…