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How Lyrics Should Be Sung: Creep

I was going to do a cheerful song after Layla and Last Goodbye, but I listened to Muse’s cover of this Radiohead classic and I couldn’t resist. Thom Yorke was just asking for it. Continue reading


How Lyrics Should Be Sung: Last Goodbye

This song needs special directions in particular in order to emulate the heartbreaking emotional power of Jeff Buckley’s singing. Enjoy! Continue reading

How Lyrics Should Be Sung: Layla

Singers often sing their lyrics in different ways than the lyrics would suggest. For example, most singers sing the chorus part in a song in several ways. Because of this I have decided to write the emotionally accurate versions of some choice songs for you who would like to karaoke with the proper pronunciations and emotional states. This is Eric Clapton’s Layla. Actually I was going to do a line-by-line analysis of some song lyrics this week, but I think I’ll do this instead. Continue reading