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An Idea For A Romantic Comedy

You know how in typical romantic comedies, there’s usually some other guy who’s left standing at the (figurative or literal) altar because the male protagonist decides to confess his love to the female protagonist at the very last second? I’ve always wondered what happened to that guy, since I don’t think that people usually handle those kinds of situations very well. So I was thinking, why isn’t there be a movie about someone who is chronically “the other guy”? You know, someone who’s moderately (if not outright) attractive, financially stable (if not rich), and utterly devoted to the female protagonist, a guy who is in most cases better than the male lead, but never manages to get the girl? Or it could be about “the other girl”, if the studios think that’s more marketable. Anyway, I sense that this “the other guy” syndrome might be the next big thing to hit the relationship advice book circuit if this movie works. Thoughts?