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Amazon Will Out-Hipster You, Apple

Apple has been known to possess the cutting edge of commercial music, introducing the world to obscure European bands that no one’s ever heard of before then, like the Danish blues-rock band The Blue Van in the newest iPad commercial, or fellow Danish indie-pop band The Asteroid Galaxy Tour in one of the iPod commercials (I can’t remember which one, but it was fantastic). Indeed, Apple’s marketing team is so good at finding these obscure but fantastic artists that I can’t help but imagine that they’re just a bunch of hipsters hanging around in indie clubs in Europe.

Something like this.

Indeed, I feel a small bit of triumph anytime I see an Apple commercial and recognize the music. It’s happened maybe three times. But today, I’m not talking about Apple’s ability to find great Applepop songs (more on that some other time). Today, I’m talking about Amazon, Apple’s competitor in the eBook business. Now, Amazon was in the eBook reader business first with the Kindle. I don’t have one but I hear they’re fantastic.

Yes, I'm sure that they serve their purpose, but I'm kinda, eh.

But Apple is known to go into established markets and wreak havoc with the competition. In a constructive, best-for-the-customer-and-Apple sort of way. This is because Apple has a fantastic marketing team that convinces people that they need to buy new and revolutionary Apple products at magical prices. Amazon, on the other hand, well, they don’t really have commercials. Not with catchy indie pop music.

Look at how functional this electronic reading device is!

Or so I thought. Recently Amazon surprised me with a couple of catchy stop-motion Kindle commercials that were far more creative than anything Apple’s pulled out in recent years (commercials, not products. Apple continues to manufacture new and revolutionary products at magical prices). And the music! Instead of trying to find the newest, hippest bands around, Amazon just decided to hire a talented duo called Little & Ashley out of nowhere and put them in the commercials, which are basically indie pop music videos. I mean, no matter how unknown Applepop artists are, at least they had followings sizeable enough to write up the bands’ Wikipedia pages. But no, Amazon’s gone even more hipster. Careful, Apple. Amazon might take away your hipster consumers.

You know that hipsters are the ones in that line. Because, you know, it's ironic. Or something like that. Whatever.

Here’s the video*: