I’ve been dreaming recently

of zombie apocalypse scenarios. We are all so, so screwed.


3 responses to “I’ve been dreaming recently

  1. Nah, I’ve read “The Zombie Survival Guide.” It’s chill, brah.

  2. it’s ok, i learned to shoot a rifle on saturday. james said i’m good enough at shooting head-sized targets from 50 yards away, so i should be able to keep the zombies at bay when the apocalypse comes.

    also, have you seen Tremors? (and the sequels?)

  3. ok i have prepared myself mentaly and physicaly for the last 3 years for a zombie apocolypse. i have thought out the virus that would create the zombie, or i thought about the bacteria that would create the zombie, and i thought out how radiation would create a zombie. i list characteristics of each brand of zombie and created a plan of useful destinations and useful weapons against all three. also i have a strong knowledge is the medical feild so i can do first aid up to broken legs and CPR. i know how to shoot a gun (all kinds of guns) i know the mechanics of most guns and how to maintain them. i also have knowledge in build shelters and houses. i have watched countless survival shows and i know countless survivual techniques. . . . . . . i have prepared my self all to well

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