Update on Zooey Deschanel Appreciation Week

You would think that seeing Zooey in person would possibly dissipate any idealistic image of her as the perfect woman, the woman whose day you’d gladly listen about just to enjoy the sound of her voice, the woman who can be quirky at times and quirkier at others, the woman whose eyes you can’t stop staring at just because. I thought so too, but seeing her perform live today made me love her even more, if that were somehow possible. If I died in my sleep tonight, I would have died a happy man. But my roommate would probably live a traumatized man, and my friend would live an unhappy lady because I had Arcade Fire/Spoon floor tickets waiting to be picked up by me, and I would have died. So yeah, probably won’t die, but theoretically, if I did, at least I saw Zooey 😀


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