Being a girl at a frat party must be difficult

So I was at a concert today because I really like music and apparently a lot of other people like the same music I do, so there were a lot of people, and because I showed up fairly early I was near the front, and I was enjoying the music and stuff, but there were a bunch of girls-well, women, I suppose, since they’re like 17 and not kids, around me with no respect for personal space, so I was being jostled around and lots of (hopefully) unintentional butt-poking going around and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable because I swear at one point a girl was breathing down the back of my neck despite the fact that my chaperone is like standing right there and I just wanted to enjoy the concert but next thing I know I’m lying on the floor of some stranger’s room with nothing but a Blitzen Trapper T-shirt on and I have no idea where I am and I’m just like “OMG, what has been done to me” and I swear never to go to a concert again, but I hear that the New Pornographers are playing next week so I have to totally go back again and hope that it doesn’t happen again but it’s totally going to be the same situation since the place is crawling with clueless under-21s or something.

Well, the waking up with naught but a Blitzen Trapper T-shirt on didn’t happen, but the rest of the utter disrespect of personal space happened, and it was really awkward. Seriously, being a girl at a frat party must suck. Then again, being a guy at a frat party tends to suck too. MISDIRECT.


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