Today, I listened to a couple of the songs from this year’s Eurovision contest (including the absolutely terrifying winner ‘Satellite’). And I’m afraid that it’s time we revoke your cultural superiority license, Europe. Shameful, shameful.

Also, judging by the Youtube comment sections, Eurovision may be a legitimate reason for another war on the European continent. Tensions running high much?


One response to “Eurovision

  1. I don’t know where are you from. But if you come from the USA… you have no right to call Lena terrifying… you got Kesha and Katy Perry, after all.

    Eurovision is Eurovision… it’s not a representation of our music taste as whole… it’s what we do for fun. And if somebody takes it seriously it’s their problem (really UK’s sulking fits and tantrums are hilarious in a way, but sad too…). No wars over Eurovision. And as for Bloc(k) voting… it is overestimated… western countries can and do win with worthy material, hence we got Lena.

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