Here is something that I uncovered today while organizing the files on my computer in preparation for an impending purge (I’m sorry N800983.pdf, you didn’t make the cut). I have absolutely no idea why I wrote it. So…enjoy?

Now this tale didn’t happen just yesterday, nor the day before but long, long ago. The boy does not know his fate yet, as much as he knows the sins of his father. Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy. The city, it calls out to me in the rain, the longings of an unloved soul marked deep within its cries. Here be way to the laughin’ place. Look for chicks in late spring. Fun in the sun for everyone! The spectacled bear is sad because he’s nerdy. I hold it up, examining the wriggling ball of flesh and fur as it flails wildly in my hands. Why is this woman hugging a tree? Pardon our pixie dust. You’re a pirate. It attempts to lick my nose as a symbol of goodwill. Imagination at work. You can’t run away from trouble-there ain’t no place that far. Remember, dreams come true. I do not care for sentimentality. Just another dream away. Just another refreshing day in paradise. Authorized cast members only. It realizes this, whimpering as I grab it by the neck.


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