Work, work, work

So today I had to print out some reports that we were sending to some very important persons. I had been working on one of the reports on my computer, but I realized that my laptop wasn’t connected to any of the printers, so I had to turn on one of the computers in the office and send myself a mail with the latest version of the report, since neither report has yet been published and whatnot. While the computer was loading (it was a very slow computer, being a Windows and netbook and whatnot), I looked through the report again, just to keep track of what pages should be printed in color to sexify the report and stuff. So I download the report onto the office computer, realize that all the comments and changes are marked as they should be on Office 2007, but no one wants to read a report that has all the proofreading annotations. Plus it messes with the layout, especially since there are boxes with text. Important boxes with text. So I spent a couple minutes trying to figure out where I could turn off the edit notes. I did that, then I realized that some of the pages with color also had text with color, a color that was not meant to be in a sexy report. So I changed that, and printed out the color pages on an inkjet printer, and the black and white pages on a laserjet printer. The color pages came out beautifully, but some of the laserjet pages were a little wonky, since I hadn’t removed the highlighted bits and now they were just weird greyish rectangles covering bits of vaguely important text. So I had to go back and redo those pages, which was no big deal. Then I tried to put the whole report together, but I realized that with 90+ pages, you can’t hope to get all the pages neatly straightened out, so I divided the report into groups of 20 pages each, organized those, and then put the whole thing together. I had a nice system going. And then I found one of those large butterfly clips to keep the whole thing together, then I went looking for the other report, since I didn’t have the latest version at all. Turns out that was in the other office computer, so I had to turn that on and search for a little while, and I finally found it in some folder. This report was all text, so I highlighted-dehighlighted the whole thing and made sure all the letters were in black, and then I was going to just print it, but I realized that there were some typos, so I fixed those. While I was searching through the report for these typos, I realized that chapter 1 started around 50 pages in, and the report started with chapter 3 or something. So I went over the entire report and realized that it was a structural clusterfuck due to some heavy editing that had been done but not yet approved, so I had to reorganize it and rewrite significant swathes to make the report draft vaguely comprehensible. I then printed two copies of that because my boss wanted two copies, but the printer printed the two reports in a 2 copies of page 1, 2 copies of page 2 sort of way, so I had to go and separate the two copies by hand. It was mindless work, but ever since I discovered how to make things easier by dividing the pages into sections of 20 pages apiece, it was a breeze. Then I needed to send the copies of the reports to my boss via email, but one report was on one computer and the other report was on the other computer, while my email client was on a third one, so I didn’t really know what to do so I just started writing an email on one computer on Gmail. Then I realized that I could attach a file onto the email draft on one computer, log into Gmail on another computer and access the same draft and attach another file to it, then send it all together, instead of sending two separate emails to myself then downloading and reuploading and sending the whole shebang together. So, that worked out. And that was all before lunch. I say before lunch, instead of in the morning, because I didn’t really get lunch until around 2 because of the work I was doing, not to mention that I feel weird going on a lunch break before my boss does. Yeah.


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  1. I can’t believe I read this entire thing.

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