A dream I had this morning

So this morning, I dreamt that I was on a highway like the 1 in California, with the ocean to my right and I wasn’t really paying attention to whatever was on my left, because who looks to their left when there’s an ocean to their right? Anyway, so I was passing by some giant pandas that were emerging from the depths of the ocean, waddling like the useless mammals they are, doing whatever and slowly roaming into a cute but inevitable extinction. I thought to myself, “Weird, I’ve never seen pandas swim before.” But you know, I was in a car and it was moving so I quickly passed those by. And then I saw some polar bear heads bobbing in the water. Attached to polar bear bodies, of course, but I could only see the heads. Kinda strange seeing polar bears swim off the coast of California, but whatever, I just passed by some panda bears, I’m not the one to ask questions. Then the car turned right into the ocean, but that was okay cause it was a boat-car or something, and I ended up in the middle of a group of friendly seals. You know, the kind that you see on television and think, “Oh, they’re pretty cute! I’d like to hang out with them in the ocean” until you see then ruthlessly chase down a penguin and tear it to bloody pieces. So I hung out with the seals, which behaved sort of like dolphins in their friendliness, and then I woke up.

Was that a substantial dream? Was it worth mentioning on a public space like a blog? Probably not, but then again, not much is, is it?


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