Blast from the past

I fell backwards into the pool. As my friend sat by and watched. And laughed.

I was looking through my old photos and realized that I’ve done a lot of silly things in the past. Nothing particularly illegal, but just silly. Like the above picture. If you know anything about Washington geography, you’ll know where that is. It’s kind of like unintentional fountain-hopping, with possible trespassing on federal property implications if it weren’t so humiliating.*

Also, I realized I have a lot of photos of my friends that could be used for blackmail or counter blackmail. Oh, you thought I didn’t take that picture of you in that one party back in freshman year, did you? Well, someone else did with my camera, and now it’s on my computer. So take care^^

* No, I didn’t actually fall into the pool in front of the Capitol. It was merely staged to look like I did. Like I said, silly, not illegal.


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