View Arbitrary Post Button!

It has recently occurred to me that there are some posts on this blog that I have no recollection of writing. I blame my drug-fueled, devil-may-care, write-three-posts-a-day period of my youth. And my failing memory. Anyway, I found that some of these posts are actually worth reading. You know, just because I don’t think I’ve read them before. And I know there are only about 5 people who’ve read most of the stuff on my blog, and I convince myself that more people read than that. But it’s a hassle to click through page after page, especially when there are an undisclosed number of posts. Therefore, in order to make my life easy, I’ve created a “View Arbitrary Post” button on the sidebar, which should help me read random posts from the past, or possibly the recent present. OR EVEN THE FUTURE. It’s a great procrastination tool! So yeah, if you want to read an arbitrary post from this blog, click on the silly face to your right. It’s pretty hard to miss.


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