One Thing In A Korean Day: Starcraft

Can you take Starcraft away from a Korean? Yes, but you can also put a kitten in a glass jar to make it box-shaped.

Bonsai kitten!

So no, it’s not really a good idea. Let me put it this way: a few days ago, President Obama announced that the next nuclear summit, where leaders of the world discuss possible scenarios for future seasons of 24, would be held in South Korea. That news didn’t even make it to the front page of many Korean internet portals. Instead, the big issue was the fact that the South Korean Game Rating…Board-thing decided that Starcraft II would be given a, Adult-Only (equivalent to Mature, not NC-17) rating. That was in the top ten articles, along with some other news about North Korea being a bastard. This should give a vague idea about how much South Koreans value Starcraft over international cooperation on nuclear security.

The only nuclear weapons South Korea expects to see in the near future.

Many outside observers of South Korea’s passion for Starcraft come to the conclusion that because Koreans are so good at Starcraft, it must be their national sport! But regretfully, I must debunk this myth. Contrary to popular belief and overwhelming evidence such as two eSport channels showing primarily Starcraft matches and the fact that Blizzard announced Starcraft II in Seoul in a Olympic stadium packed with Starcraft fans (technically it wasn’t a stadium but a pavilion which makes it slightly less insane) and the fact that people are still playing it 12 years after it first came out, South Koreans are not obsessed with Starcraft. They’re just ridiculously good at it. It’s in their blood or something.

If you see this and don't realize why the Zergs will most likely overrun the Terran base if they survive this attack, you're not Korean. I mean, I suck at Starcraft and I know that.


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