There’s No J Street in DC

I got off the subway today at a stop on K Street and proceeded to walk one street block to…I Street? Having no idea where I could have accidentally missed an entire street, I looked up a map and found that DC does not have a J street. Some say that it’s because Pierre L’Enfant, the planner of the city, did not like Supreme Court Justice John Jay and decided to wipe his initials off the map, but most scholars believe that because I and J looked similar in those days, they decided to have only one to prevent any confusion. But I think I know the real reason why there’s no J Street in DC: the letter J didn’t exist back then!

George Washington crossing the Delaware in the Battle of Trenton, New Ersey

Founding Father and party animal Benamin Franklin

Founding Father and all-around showoff Benamin Franklin

2nd POTUS and HBO character Ohn Adams

Ginger ungle-fever-haver Thomas Efferson

I mean, if you think about it, aside from New Ersey, does any US state have the letter J in its name? HMM???



2 responses to “There’s No J Street in DC

  1. Are you saying Seth is Ewish?

  2. hey now, that’s ust uncalled for

    unrelated, but POTUS is like my favorite acronym ever

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