One Solution to the North Korean Question

North Korea has proven to be one of the most unpopular and brutal regimes in the 21st century. Throw bad name at them (Fascist, genocidal, Socialist, Communist, cult, camp) and it’ll probably stick. For decades the United States, South Korea, and Japan have spent billions if not trillions of dollars on trying to prevent North Korea from doing something absolutely batshit insane.

Although admittedly, this would be pretty funny.

It doesn’t seem like North Korea would be willing to compromise anytime in the near future, and there’s not really any great way to force them to do anything without putting millions of lives at stake, which is why the question of North Korea has employed many security experts who have nothing to do now that communism has collapsed for the most part. But then, an idea came to me: couldn’t someone just buy North Korea? I mean, if its GDP is $40 billion, couldn’t some rich man just buy it and put it under new management?

I'm Comrade Gates, and North Korea 7 was my idea.

I mean, North Korea’s in pretty bad shape, but under the right leadership, I don’t think it’ll take very long for the initial investor to break even and make a nice profit. I’m sure development policy experts would love to have a sandbox country to experiment on, and I’m sure they’ll do a great job. And if things get to be too much to handle, you can probably sell it off to South Korea for a pretty penny. So, who wants to buy North Korea?


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