The Daily Commute

should be a name of a newspaper, don’t you think? I mean, most people commute, don’t they?

This respectable family man/ad executive even carpools with his daughter's teacher

Not that I’d read it, because my commute takes about 15 minutes at the very most. I usually end up getting into the office half an hour early because I grossly overestimate the distance between the metro where I get on and the metro that I get off on (2 stops).  Not to mention I leave for work earlier than I should out of sheer guilt because my roommates always leave while I’m in my pajamas and come home to find me already there anyways. I figure I should at least try to look like I have a job that sembles the 9-5 schedule. So I leave around 9:20 just in case I have to wait between trains, which never happens since it’s the tail end of rush hour. Which is nice, since that means there’s lots of space on the cars. It’s strange, being on the metro in DC. It seems that people here put a lot more emphasis on personal space than in other metropolitan cities, because the cars never seemed crammed and people sort of give up when they think that they’ll need to force their way in. That wouldn’t happen in Paris. Although that might be because the cars here are designed in a funny sort of way. The doors are slanted, so it’s really hard to judge where you’re supposed to stand if you’re on the edge. I’ve been hit by the closing doors several times already, and this is my first week of work here. But I don’t really have time to ponder on the subject, since I end up having to get out far sooner than I would expect. 2 metro stops equals 5 minutes of transit in any city. Unless by metro you mean train. In which case you’re stupid. So I go up the escalator, end up a block away from work 20 minutes before work starts, and I end up sitting around the office awkwardly writing things until my boss gets it. I would do work to show initiative, but work is kind of depressing. Not in the “I hate my job” sort of way, but the “I brought back some stuff from work the other day and made some girls cry” sort of way. That actually happened. I had to watch a movie on North Korean defectors to catch up on stuff for work and people cried. There’s no way to make human rights violations a cheerful subject. So yeah, daily commute.


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