Monogrammed Shirts

Yesterday, while out on a work lunch with my coworkers and boss, I noticed that the man sitting next to us was wearing a shirt with monogrammed cuffs. “Stylish,” I thought, until I saw the initials embroidered: BRB. Oh, what a cruel fate it is to be given those initials in the age of the intertubes. Speaking of, apparently the use of the term intertubes is mostly a West Coast college thing. I was hanging out at a co-op in DC the other night with some friends of my slightly-older-than-me-but-not-enough-so-that-we-look-very-different-in-age-but-then-again-maybe-she-just-looks-young-and-I-look-very-old-oh-woe-is-me cousin and used the term and no one understood what I was talking about until I explained it to them. I was sad. But they had good carrot-tomato-ginger soup, so then I was happy. No one was wearing monogrammed shirts. I’m wearing a monogrammed shirt right now. The initials says PC. That stands for “politically correct,” which is funny, because I’m not. And Windows 7 was not my idea, but I’d be glad to say that it was if I get paid to do so.


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