Refreshments at Intermission

You know, I’ve always noticed that the refreshment bars at concert halls have really nice and overpriced alcoholic beverages during intermission that I can legally purchase to spite my underage friends who also happen to be at said concert halls. However, in addition to the obvious consequence of alienating aforementioned underage friends, I also realized that the 20-25 minutes allocated to intermission isn’t quite enough time to enjoy a $20 glass of champagne. I mean, it could be from a $5 bottle of bubbly that I would otherwise down in the same amount of time behind the back of said concert hall, but the fact that I spent $20 on a tiny glass would probably make me want to savor every moment. Same with beer. But I wouldn’t have that time.

So I was wondering, why do people drink during intermission? Is it that they’re just extremely classy alcoholics who desperately need a fix between acts? Or is it one of those weird hobbies that people have, like collecting (unused) airplane sickbags and comparing different experiences or whatever? You know, people who are like “Oh, I had a Heineken at the Kennedy Center and it was served at a much more appropriate temperature than the one I had at the Met” or “the champagne choice for the Wien Staatsoper was quite appropriate for Wagner’s Lohengrin, though heaven forbid if they served it during the Ring Cycle.” Or maybe it’s one of those tourist experiences that you have to do, like bungee jump off a playground jungle gym. Who knows?


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