Musicians: Artists or Terrorists?

Now, I’m sure many of you don’t carry an instrument on an airplane. That’s because you are lame. Anyway, if you are part of the awesome community of instrument-carrying folk, you will have experienced lengthy security checks at airports where they swab your instrument to see if they have any traces of explosives because you know, the power of music is quite explosive. Something like that.


So I was wondering, do they check all instruments? I’ve seen accordions and guitars checked, but would they do clarinets? I mean, clarinets kind of do look like rifles that you assemble (in my mind). Flutes not so much. Speaking of, would they check tin whistles? If I snuck a tin whistle past security and suddenly whipped it out and started playing the into to “My Heart Will Go On”, would the air marshal tackle me to the ground for attempting to commit an act of terrorism? Or does the fact that I’ve already started playing that Celine Dion tune constitute as an act of terrorizing people?

Speaking of terrorizing people, a great title for a horror movie:



One response to “Musicians: Artists or Terrorists?

  1. you just made me lol. for a while. my parents think there’s something wrong with me mentally. (i’m sure they thought it before, but now they probably know for sure.)

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