The Curious Career of Michael Sheen

To his fans, he’s the Sheen Machine. To celebrity magazines, he’s the ex-husband of Kate Beckinsdale. And to many, far too many teenage girls, he’s the vampire guy who sat next to Dakota Fanning and threatened to kill Edward Cullen or something in that new Moon movie or something. But one thing is certain. Michael Sheen is one of the biggest non-teen movie stars to come out of British Hollywood (I do believe it’s called Bollywood) in recent years. He’s churned out award-nominating performances as various actual British figures, such as Tony Blair in The Deal, The Queen, and the upcoming The Special Relationship,

Oh look at me, I actually look like the British President-thing!

famous science fiction writer and known socialist European H.G. Wells in H.G. Wells: War with the World,

I am sad because this is a made-for-TV movie.

acclaimed journalist/television personality and collector of fine Italian leather shoes David Frost in Frost/Nixon,

I am the inventor of gotcha journalism. Gotcha.

Famous Nottingham Forest manager (read sheriff of Nottingham) Brian Clough in The Damned United (referring to Leeds scum, not Manchester)

What, you expected something about Robin Hood?

but also some quite bizarre roles, such as leader of the werewolves and all-around angryman Lucian in Underworld,

Imagine Tony Blair doing that.

leader of some important vampire thing and enemy of werewolves (funny how things turn around) in that movie with shirtless Taylor Lautner (who is a werewolf),

Because my career can survive being in a Twilight movie.

leader of werewolves and mortal enemy of vampires Lucian (again) in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans,

And this was the same year he was in New Moon. He was his own worst enemy. MIND BLOWN.

and most recently, the White Rabbit in Tim Burton’s Acid Trip in Wonderland.

He played a rabbit. Now that's devoted acting.

Now, there are few actors who can jump between acclaimed actor and blockbuster whore and still maintain their dignity and sanity. Gary Oldman comes to mind, but that’s a topic for another day. It is rumored that Sheen will play classic Bond villain Ernst Blofeld in the next Bond movie,

The rabbit was less of a stretch.

and pictures suggest he will be playing astronaut Mike Dexter in 30 Rock, a documentary about the life of Tracy Morgan.

Michael Sheen alongside sickly little mole person Tina Fey.

But those who fear that Sheen is straying away from his more realistic, dramatized personas of British people that Americans know about need not worry, as the new trailer for Tron Legacy shows that he is playing famed David Bowie identity Ziggy Stardust.

Because I'm Michael Sheen, bitch.


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