Further Examples of iTunes Genius Surfing

Since my first attempt at Genius Surfing exposed me to a variety of artists (Eric Clapton, Eric Clapton, and Eric Clapton), I decided to give it a couple more test runs, starting in different genres.

1. The Book of Love – The Magnetic Fields

2. The Fox in the Snow – Belle & Sebastian

3. Communist Daughter – Neutral Milk Hotel

4. Don’t Ask Me To Explain – Of Montreal

5. Barnaby, Hardly Working – Yo La Tengo

6. Here – Pavement

7. When You Sleep – My Bloody Valentine

8. Agoraphobia – Deerhunter

9. Also Frightened – Animal Collective

10. All We Ask – Grizzly Bear

Evaluation: Oh look at me, I’m hipster iTunes Genius, I read Pitchfork magazines while drinking my Pabst Blue Ribbon and listening to NPR!

Okay, this time I’ll have the patience to go for more songs…

1. Race You – Elizabeth & The Catapult (Let’s start off with the lady singer-songwriters…)

2. What I Wouldn’t Do – A Fine Frenzy (Great band!)

3. Sort Of – Ingrid Michaelson (A bit more mainstream, but still quite talented…)

4. Blow Away – A Fine Frenzy (Good to see you again!)

5. Warm Whispers – Missy Higgins (Also very talented singer-songwriter.)

6. Sky – Joshua Radin (Well, maybe we’re transitioning to guys now?)

7. Breakable – Ingrid Michaelson (Nope, that was just a tease.)

8. Samson – Regina Spektor (Now we’re going more mainstream indie)

9. My Moon My Man – Feist (Is mainstream indie an oxymoron?)

10. Rebellion (Lies) – Arcade Fire (Arcade Fire is mainstream, right?)

11. Phantom Limb – The Shins (Garden Shore or whatever made these indie people famous, I think)

12. The Underdog – Spoon (A little less mainstream, according to me)

13. Oxford Comma – Vampire Weekend (Who doesn’t know Vampire Weekend? A lot of people.)

14. Weekend Wars – MGMT (MGMT, a staple of every college student’s library.)

15. On Call – Kings of Leon (They are mainstream rock, or so iTunes tells me.)

16. Banquet – Bloc Party (Anyone who’s played Guitar Hero knows Bloc Party.)

17. When The Sun Goes Down – Arctic Monkeys (2000s Britrock now?)

18. She Moves In Her Own Way – The Kooks (I suppose it seems that way.)

19. America – Razorlight (Never quite knew what nationality this band is. Wikipedia says English-Swede???)

20. I Predict A Riot – Kaiser Chiefs (Another mainstream 2000s Britrock band.)

21. Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis (I guess we’re just going through the NME staples now…)

22. Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis (Ah, a Britrock classic)

23. Smile Like You Mean It – The Killers (They’re American, but I suppose you could get confused.)

24. In My Place – Coldplay (Okay, it’s okay to say we’ve moved to popular Brit rock…)

25. Good People – Jack Johnson (WTF?)

26. Why Georgia – John Mayer (Well, I suppose this is the logical progression, I just hope-)

27. Flake – Jack Johnson (GAH! Not a Jack Johnson – John Mayer infinite loop…?)

28. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – John Mayer (NOOOOO!!!!)

29. Good People – Jack Johnson (Oh god, please let this be some sort of sick joke…)

30. No Such Thing – John Mayer (I hate you.)

31. You and I Both – Jason Mraz (Thank you, Jason Mraz.)

32. Follow Through – Gavin DeGraw (I’m sure you’ve heard this at the ending of some TV show. I think I did.)

33. All At Once – The Fray (Again, TV show staple. Probably Smallville. It has Superman.)

34. Open Your Eyes – Snow Patrol (They wer MASSIVE back in the 2000s.)

35. The Hardest Part – Coldplay (The hardest part was YOUR MOM. Wait, wha….?)

36. Everybody’s Changing – Keane (Back to Britrock. I can’t complain.)

37. Chocolate – Snow Patrol (I like chocolate. So does Snow Patrol, apparently.)

38. Cannonball – Damien Rice (I like this song. A lot.)

39. Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez (Another acoustic guitar song. Did you know this was a cover? Of a The Knife song?)

40. Crosses – Jose Gonzalez (He’s Swede-Argentinean. Or Argentinean-Swede. That’s pretty Swede. Get it? Get it???)

41. Blindsided – Bon Iver (Well, this is safe territory, I suppose.)

42. Quiet Houses – Fleet Foxes (Sophomore year of college, eh?)

43. Walking – The Dodos (I’d like to name this phase….college music.)

44. Easier – Grizzly Bear (Well, technically, all this music is what I listened to in college but SHUT UP.)

45. Guys Eyes – Animal Collective (I think we’ve come back to the same place as the last time.)

Lesson Learned: Indie music and John Mayer, not as far apart as you’d like.

Because nothing screams indie like an amp in the wilderness...


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