Remember how I used to write things?

Well, after an unannounced month-and-a-half long hiatus during which I did some soul-searching and decided that soul-searching is a rather stupid excuse for not doing anything productive, I have decided to resume my usual routine of writing whatever comes to mind and posting it on the Internets. Because that’s the thing the kids do these days.

But first, let me tell you about my current whereabouts. I am in Paris. Maybe I’ll talk about that sometime.

Okay, I’ll talk about it now. So I am currently studying abroad in Paris, and my daily routine looks something like this:

7AM: Wake up to enjoy the brisk Parisian morning

8AM: Wake up again to enjoy the brisk Parisian morning again

9AM: Wake up to actually do something other than enjoy the brisk Parisian morning

Sometime after 9AM: Go to a Parisian café and sit back with a mostly unsatisfactory espresso (more on that later) and a Moleskine notebook and strike a writing pose that is reminiscent of the great American expat writers like Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Kerouac.

Sometime after striking initial “great American expat writer” pose: Write about my feelings like a little girl.

Two hours later: Go to class. Oh, and eat a baguette sandwich along the way like a Parisian étudiant.

After class, around 18-ish (oh yes, they don’t believe in AM/PM here): Go back to my room, eat dinner, do some homework(?).


0-3AM: Emotionally hemorrhage all over my online friends whilst drunken and soul-cripplingly depressed. I’m very sorry, Skype Test Call. I owe you.

Rinse with a fine French wine and repeat.

So yes, I will be writing mostly about my Parisian experiences now. Or not. Depends on how I feel. Because my feelings are important.


One response to “Remember how I used to write things?

  1. I missed you, Purun’s blog.

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