One Way Bands Can Prevent Pirating

Make their names impossible to search. Online pirates will never be able to find them. For example, I once came upon this one really good band called +/- and was trying to find out more about them by Googling them, but Google failed to find them. I figure if artists start using names that are absolutely incompatible with search engines, people will be forced to buy their music instead of trying to illegally download them, right? Then again, people would have to actually find them somehow, and I haven’t figured out how that might be solved…


One response to “One Way Bands Can Prevent Pirating

  1. You need to take this idea to the heads at Sony BMG. Another idea would be for all bands to just use the same generic name, and call all their songs Track 1, Track 2, and generic album names such as Album A, B etc.
    It would be pretty f’n impossible to find anything. LOL.

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