Jennifer Aniston Gives Me A Movie Challenge!

Jennifer Aniston is one of my favoritest actresses ever since she was Rachel Green on Friends, but her personal life has constantly been a disappointment to her fans. Well, disappointment wouldn’t be the right word, you’d say disappointment for something like Lindsay Lohan’s personal life. She used to be one of my favoritest actresses ever back when she was in the Parent Trap. Well, let’s rephrase it then: Jennifer’s love life has been prime tabloid material, having been linked with Vince Vaughn and John Mayer and other celebrities, and it saddens us fans that she hasn’t found the right man yet. Well, she did find the right man, but Angelina stole him. But karma caught up to her in the end, and now she’s being compared to Megan Fox as an actress. HA! That’s like J.K. Rowling being compared to Stephanie Meyer for her literary skills. But I digress. So since her divorce, Jennifer Aniston hasn’t been able to find the guy who’s right for her, but she seems to be okay with being single, as a recent CNN article seems to suggest. She’s even able to joke about how her film career seems to mirror her lack of luck with men, saying that “I kind of noticed a few years ago, there seems to be a strange parallel between the movies I’m doing and my life off-screen…”It started with ‘The Good Girl,’ then of course ‘Rumor Has It,’ followed by ‘Derailed.’ Then there was ‘The Break Up.’ If any of you have a project entitled ‘Everlasting Love with a Stable Adult Male,’ I’m at table 6!” Although she may have been joking about the last bit, I thought it would be a great challenge to create a movie about “Everlasting Love with a Stable Adult Male” that could actually be commercially viable! Plus if it actually works, I might be able to meet her! Not that I would expect anything between us, unless she’s actually looking for “Sometimes Tiresome but Ultimately Fulfilling Relationship with a Somewhat Erratic and Juvenile but also Considerate and Thoughtful Manic Pixie Dream Guy who might be a Stable Adult Male so give him ten years”. You know what? I think I’ll brainstorm on both ideas and see what people think.


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