An Idea for a Rockumentary

I was thinking, there should be a documentary about the rise and fall of a fictional Rock Band/Guitar Hero band that would be like a combination of Spinal Tap and King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters in that it would be the epic tale of a tumultuous band of pathetic nerds with nothing better to do with their lives. The band could talk about how they met up at some college party (actually there was a party next door but someone was playing Guitar Hero and one thing led to another and they decided to “rock out” together) had their first gig (actually one of those Rock Band contests they have at bars), their fans (ridikerous groupies), rivalries with other “bands”, their musical tastes (“Dragonforce and Buckethead are some of the most talented musicians ever, while Cream and the Rolling Stones release simplistic melodies with no actual talent”), the lead singer’s disregard for his roommate who’s actually in a band, band tensions (“No, we are NOT going to play Maps again!”), things like that. The movie could start off at the height of their “fame”, and trace their journey as they try to win the annual Battle of the Bands, going through problems like drug abuse, alcohol, schoolwork, and girlfriends. Actually, not so much on the girlfriend front. Except for one Yoko-like character. You know how it goes. Opinions?


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