Does Anyone Know This Story?

Hey all,

I remember in my youth, I read a children’s book about a boy and a girl who met at an early age and hung out together and fell in love and all that, but the girl wore a scarf and would never take it off under any circumstance. Eventually they got married and the boy really wanted to know why she kept on wearing the scarf everywhere, so because she loved him, she took it off  on their wedding night and her head fell off! It was a story with drawings and everything, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called or who wrote it for that matter. I initially thought Shel Silverstein, but he’s written a similar poem called Long Scarf, but it’s definitely not the story I’m looking for. Has anyone else heard of this story, or is this all been something that I created in my head and kept in mind since early childhood? This would be an extremely disturbing revelation, though I guess I could get super rich by writing/rewriting that story. But seriously, please say that you’ve heard of this story? Please?


3 responses to “Does Anyone Know This Story?

  1. I think I remember that from first grade in a book called “In a Dark, Dark Room” which had a bunch of stories in it.

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