Women’s Empowerment

Today in French class, my wildly chauvinistic French French teacher said that he believed that a woman’s rightful place was in the home in an attempt to start up a discussion about the modern role of women in society. As a strong supporter of second-wave feminism, I took offense to this rather conservative view and considered verbally objecting to his opinion. However, I am also of the belief that women should take control of their own destiny, and if I were to speak out for the lady students of my class, I would be effectively usurping their right to defend themselves, and therefore continue the cycle that has chained womanhood since the beginning of civilization. I did not want that. They should be the masters of their identity. I decided that I would wait for the ladies to speak out against this male oppressor and therefore claim another victory in the journey towards total gender equality. In the end none of them talked. But I believe that my silence was yet another victory in the women’s empowerment movement.


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