My Desk Drawers

I was looking for my harmonica in my desk drawers today, just because I felt like fiddling with a harmonica since it was a rainy day and a harmonica is a good instrument to play on a rainy day, especially if it’s that kind of humid rain that makes it really hard to enjoy playing a guitar. So I figured my harmonica that I bought a few years back would be in my desk drawers, since that’s where I put a lot of things that I have lost interest in. Unfortunately, I didn’t find my harmonica, but I did find a bunch of other things were quite interesting, some dating back to my very early childhood and others more recent. They brought back a lot of memories, memories that some may find quite amusing and others might find slightly disturbing. I was going to write about why some of them were in my possession, but I realized there were too many of them to write in one sitting, so I decided to write about them at some later time. I mean, it’s hard to explain why I have a baseball signed by several members of the LA Dodgers circa 1998 in the same drawer as a modest spoon collection and two race cars used in a pinewood derby, not to mention the stuffed kiwi bird in the bottom drawer (I’m joking, it’s just a little model bird. At least, that’s what I think it is). I’ll go from top drawer to bottom drawer, listing some items of particular significance and perhaps an amusing anecdote about them. Meanwhile, I’ll try to figure out where my harmonica is.


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