That Time I Woke Up In India: The Delhi Airport (8.9.2008)

Warning: This is a transition segment. But it’s still quite enjoyable.

After we safely landed, we waited a good 30 minutes to pull into our gate. The airport, although a bit dirty, was surprisingly cool. Not exactly what I had expected in an Indian airport in the monsoon season. Of course, it took forever to get my luggage, but at least the airport was bearable. Lots of mosquitoes for some reason. Yeah, there really wasn’t much to note about the airport.

I was going to stay with family friends for the first few days I would be spending in Delhi and they said that they would be at the exit for me. Unfortunately, there were two exits, and as soon as I went through one, I met a wall of solicitors offering to take me to my hotel. It was hot and humid and utterly lacking in Korean folk, so I figured I was at the wrong exit and carted straight back into the airport. I went through the other exit and immediately found the people I was looking for. The family had moved to Delhi last year when Mr. Mun was transferred there to an important position. Of course it was an important position, since I don’t really see why he would agree to a move from Seoul to India unless it was for an important position.

On the way to their house, I saw the notorious street cows walking in a line alongside the road. That was pretty cool. Even though it was past midnight, the streets were cluttered with rickshaws and cars and the like. We finally arrived at the neighborhood where they lived, which was not quite as nice as the neighborhood that they used to live in. I should know, it’s my neighborhood. As I stepped out of the car, my glasses fogged up because of the heat and humidity. I would experience this discomfort again. And again. And again. Every time I would step out of an air-condition car. Every time.

Anyway, the house was very nice, and I got to stay in a nice guestroom with a TV and everything! Mr. Mun said that he’d let his driver drive me around the next day, since it was my first time in India and it would be living hell for me if I didn’t have any adjustment period first. Those weren’t his exact words, but he definitely said something along those lines. So it was decided that I would take a beginner’s course, since India was nothing like I’d ever experienced before. And experience it I would.


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