Nespresso: A Machine That Makes Happiness!

If you’re a lover of coffee, not a lover of the plain and moderately acceptable drip kind that you can get from any old coffee pot but the intense and bitter-to-the-very end-but-then-again-all-too-heartbreakingly-short sort that you can get from espresso coffees (I think there’s some psychological issues that factor into what sort of coffee you’re interested in hmm), I’m guessing you probably dream of owning your own espresso machine one day. But as you know, espresso machines are expensive, and you need a really fine grind of freshly ground coffee to get the taste that the baristas at Starbucks seem to create so effortlessly. Not to mention you need a lot of practice and dozens of wasted cups of espresso discarded because you got the amount of coffee or the temperature of the steam wrong before you can get that magical cup that you spent thousands of dollars to hope on getting. Well, I like espressos and their high caffeine/volume ratio, but I want espressos NOW. And I’m sure you do, too. Which is why I’m proud to present the most glorious invention created since the iPod Touch, the Nespresso machine!

Almost as sexy as the iPod Touch for twice the happiness production!

Almost as sexy as the iPod Touch for twice the happiness production!

This glorious machine deals with the hassle of cleaning coffee grounds and getting proper amounts and keeping the coffee fresh through an ingenious method: airtight capsules! Yes, you don’t have to deal with the grinding process yourself, since the company does it for you and packages them in nice convenient aluminum capsules. And yes, it actually tastes just like freshly ground espresso coffee! It’s amazing. You can even make it as an americano (watered down espresso) if you want, and it’s really convenient if you want to make an espresso based cocktail for parties! I haven’t done that yet, but it sounds brilliant… Personally, I’ve started to enjoy iced espressos, which is really nice especially with the heat these days. Plus they have dozens of different flavors (including decaf yechh) so one could possibly mix and match if they were one of those double-shot people. I’m a triple-shot kind of person (the bitter, the better) so one day I might try that. Of course, the downside is that you can only use these capsules that have to be ordered on the internet, and they cost approximately 70 cents a piece, but if you consider the benefits to being able to have your own tasty espresso coffee whenever you want, there’s no price that’s too expensive! Well, unless it gets more expensive than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but that’s unlikely. The machine itself starts at $270 on Amazon with a milk frothing device, and frankly, I would make the investment but we already have one at home. Seriously, any lover of coffee should consider getting one of these for their home, especially if they’re not the barista-types. Perhaps I shall invest in one for dorm life? After all, everyone can use a machine that makes fresh-brewed happiness!


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