Wikipedia has wonderful sources of information for those interested in humor. The page on Jewish Humor in particular has a great deal of hysterical self-deprecating jokes, and the British humor page has great recommendations on all sorts of comedy shows one might enjoy. The American Humor page references heavily from the Jewish Humor page and provides historical facts about the development of literary greats such as Mark Twain and the development of television comedy shows. The Canadian Humor page, on the other hand, is rubbish. First, they spell humor wrong (humour?), and second, the first sitcom that it references is titled, “La Famille Plouffe”. It’s French. That’s ridiculous. There isn’t even a page for French Humor. Who do they think they’re kidding?

*Disappointingly, the site isn’t an actual site. The address leads to advertisements for Viagra and other nutritional supplements. I guess that’s kind of funny?


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