Goddamn Metrosexuals

Not to sound metrophobic, but is nothing sacred for these people? I was on the bus with my mother today, and I happened to see a rather stylishly dressed young figure with short, permed, but unmistakably feminine hair. I assumed that it was a young lady, judging by the skinny jeans, slim cut jacket, purse, and most importantly, the one-piece-dress-blouse (you can tell that I’m an expert in women’s fashion) that I had only seen my lady friends wear. However, on closer inspection, I realized it was a man. I asked my mother for a second opinion, and after some hesitation, she also came to the same conclusion. He was a guy. But it took us a couple of minutes to figure that out. I don’t appreciate that.

Now, I was okay when the metrosexual look with the V-necks and skinny jeans hit Korea’s male population, since they always dressed so awfully that it was quite obvious they were boys with poor fashion senses, but if they keep going on like this, what’s next? Will metrosexual start getting mixed up with cross-dressing? Well, judging from today’s experience, they’ve already started doing that, but what if it becomes worse? What if the men we see in department stores are shopping on the wrong floors (anything that’s not sports or electronics), and are actually interested in buying the clothes? Forget about gay marriage “threatening” the sanctity of marriage, metrosexuals are already running rampant, threatening the sanctity of women’s fashion!


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