Review: The Brothers Bloom Soundtrack

Happiness incarnate

Happiness incarnate

I usually don’t buy movie soundtracks because I feel that although they sound pretty amazing, there’s nothing really special about them. However, I had to have this album. The Brothers Bloom soundtrack is easily the best soundtrack hat I’ve heard this year, and I think it deserves a place in my top ten favorite soundtracks of all time. Composed by the director’s cousin Nathan Johnson, the soundtrack combines a mix of Old World (accordions and harps etc) and New World (electric guitars and jazz) musical styles in a way that sounds both familiar yet completely new. It is simply unforgettable.

One of my favorite songs is “The Perfect Con”, because it basically contains the essence of the soundtrack in a bittersweet yet oh so cheerful piece that will make you feel really good about yourself. Another great song is “Penelope’s Theme”, which really captures the heartbreakingly beautiful character that is Penelope. Makes you feel like you’ll be run over by a beautiful heiress in a yellow Lambourghini the next time you cross the road. It’s that optimistic.

This album is a must-have, and I’m really excited to hear Nathan Johnson’s future work. He is professional.


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