The Korean War

Disclaimer: The author does not have the knowledge to speak authoritatively on the following subject. So he’ll just speak on the following subject.

Today, June 25th, marks the beginning of the Korean War, back in 1950. This is why many Koreans refer to this particular turbulent part of Korean history as the 6-25 War. I won’t go into the particulars of the military history that involves this war, but let’s just say, the Commies fired first.

And they refuse to admit it. Yes, apparently, in North Korean schools, they teach their students that the South attacked first with the urging of the Imperialist devils (I’m sure you know who that is). It’s quite bizarre, but I could speak on and on about some of the ridiculous claims that are part of North Korean propaganda, it’s really not that surprising that they’d blame this on capitalism.

So after three years of war that obliterated the Korean countryside (later the South was restored through massive government projects so you can clearly tell the difference), who won? No one. This is a fun fact that a lot of people seem to find surprising: North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war. They just signed a cease-fire in 1953 (you don’t have to know when in 1953, just know that the war started on June 25, 1950) and are still saber-rattling at each other. Actually, the North is saber-rattling at the South, and the South Korean navy just obliterates any cruisers they send south. More on that later, when I talk about the douchebaggery that has characterized North Korean interactions with South Korea.

But there have been a lot of long-term consequences. Naturally, there were problems with displaced peoples and families split by the war, but one of the unique aspects that many Westerners don’t know is the regional tensions that were exacerbated by the war, particularly between the southwestern part of South Korea, known as Jeolla-do, or the Honam region, and the southeast, known as Gyeongsang-do, or the Yeongnam region. It’s a really complicated issue that I’ll go into in the future, but during the Korean War, there was a group of Communist partisans in the Honam region known as the Jirisan Partisans, after Jirisan, the mountain where they were supposedly based. To make a long story short, they were a real pain in the ass for the South Korean army, and as a result, the Honam region has carried the unfair stigma of being communist sympathizers from that period onward, even until today.

Also, there are about 30,000 US troops stationed in South Korea since the end of the Korean War, and they’ve also caused a couple problems, which is why contrary to popular belief George Bush is not the sole reason why the rest of the world “hates” America. But people still seem to like General Douglas MacArthur. Probably because he saved them from the Commies.


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