Movie Studios Will Stop At Nothing To Screw Up My iTunes Genius Playlists

-By Popularizing The Songs I Love

First it was Supermassive Black Hole, which they included in that vampire move that’s all the rage with the youths these days. Although I hear that Debussy’s Clair de lune has also experienced an unwanted spike in popularity due to its being one of Edward Cullen’s favorite songs or something. I believe Edward Cullen is one of Eric Clapton’s alter egos (EC = EC?) but apparently EC’s fans have never heard of Layla, so I don’t know. Nonetheless I still think I have a couple of Paramore songs on my playlist that I would love to see replaced by some Kaiser Chiefs or Arctic Monkeys. Seriously, Franz Ferdinand and Britney Spears do not go well together. And now they’ve done it with 21 Guns, my favorite song from Green Day’s new album, by essentially making it the love theme for Sam and Mikaela in Transformers 2. The fact that it’s being used for an already uncomfortable relationship plotline horrified me to no end, and considering that millions of tweens will enjoy the song (since it is pretty amazing), it won’t be long before American Idiot is followed by the Jonas Brothers on my iPod. Did I mention they included Radiohead’s 15 Steps in the Twilight soundtrack? Is nothing sacred for these people?


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