At The Movies

Disclaimer: The author does not have the knowledge to speak authoritatively on the following subject. So he’ll just speak on the following subject.

Today I saw a beer commercial that involved a Korean boy band driving a firetruck into what had been up to that point a boring outdoor rock concert and showering the crowd with beer (from firehoses), at which point people start having fun. Evidently, Korean advertisers are not ashamed to acknowledge that life is a lot more enjoyable when covered in beer and (presumably) drunk. Which is true.

Oh, and fun fact of the day: In Korea, you decide where you sit when you buy your ticket. Usually this process is aided by nifty touch screens and all sorts of new technology. Therefore, you are ensured to get good seats even if you arrive at the theater late, as long as you reserved them early. Unfortunately, if someone’s sitting in your designated seat, screaming obscenities at them will result in your ejection from the theater, not the (expected) return of your seat. I know, culture clash, right?


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