Love At First Sight

Now, I was never a believer of love at first sight. I thought it was a ridiculous concept since I personally think that you actually need to know the person better before making any conclusions on whether you love them or not. I thought it was something meant for fairy tales, like that Monkees song.

Then one day, I saw her. Long slender neck, rich burgundy coat covering those gorgeous curves, I felt an intense longing like never before. I had to have her. If I let her slip out of my fingers, I knew that I would regret it for the rest of my life. I didn’t know her name, but I knew that she was the one.

And so I entered a desperate battle to win her, raising the stakes higher and higher until finally, I received the notice that my bid had been accepted. A few days later, she arrived. My beautiful Midnight Wine Fender Stratocaster HSS. More than a year later, my feelings for her haven’t changed.I love my guitar.

But yeah, I still don’t believe in love at first sight for people.


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